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You may ONLY access the materials referred to in the material fact notice (fato relevante) dated February 4, 2020, if you are a:

  • QIB (Qualified Institutional Buyer), as defined in Rule 144A under the U.S. Securities Act of 1933, as amended ("Securities Act");
  • Non-U.S. Person, in accordance with Rule 902(k) of Regulation S under the Securities Act; or
  • Accredited Investor, as defined in Rule 501(a) and Rule 506(c) of Regulation D under the Securities Act.

Please check this box if you declare and confirm that, after reading the above and consulting relevant U.S. securities laws and applicable rules and regulations (and, if necessary, after consulting with your legal counsel), you are, or are acting on behalf of, a person you have confirmed to be either a QIB, a Non-U.S. Person or an Accredited Investor. Smiles and GOL will rely on your declaration in order comply with applicable U.S. securities laws in the context of the transaction described in the fato relevante.

Year 2020

Download Center

02/21/2020 PDF GOL Announces Redemption of 2022 Senior Notes by GOL Finance 558 Kb
02/20/2020 PDF GOL Reviews Financial Outlook 725 Kb
02/20/2020 PDF Minutes of the Board of Directors’ Meeting Held on February 19, 2020 99 Kb
02/19/2020 PDF GOL announces Material Fact 704 Kb
02/18/2020 PDF 2020 Registration Form* 214 Kb
02/11/2020 PDF GOL accelerates fleet renewal and balance sheet deleveraging with NG transactions 152 Kb
02/06/2020 PDF 4Q19 Earnings Schedule 62 Kb
02/05/2020 PDF Preliminary Traffic Figures for January 2020 590 Kb
02/04/2020 HTML Call Notice of the Extraordinary Shareholders´ Meeting to be held on March 5, 2020
02/04/2020 PDF GOL and American Airlines announce codeshare agreement 240 Kb
02/04/2020 PDF Information About the New Corporate Reorganization 418 Kb
02/04/2020 HTML Management´s Proposal for the Extraordinary Shareholders´ Meetings to be held on March 5, 2020
02/04/2020 HTML Minutes of the Board of Directors’ Meeting Held on February 3, 2020
02/04/2020 HTML Minutes of the Meeting of the Fiscal Council held on February 3, 2020
02/10/2020 PDF Individual Position - Company, Subsidiaries and Affiliates - CVM 358 - January/2020* 85 Kb
01/31/2020 PDF GOL announces Corporate Reorganization 342 Kb
01/15/2020 PDF Notice to Shareholders - Expected date of the General Shareholders Meeting 144 Kb
01/10/2020 MP3 2020 Public Meeting Audio 161525 Kb
01/10/2020 PDF Consolidated Form - CVM 358 - December/2019 94 Kb
01/10/2020 PDF Individual Position - Company, Subsidiaries and Affiliates - CVM 358 - December/2019* 85 Kb
01/10/2020 HTML Webcast Public Meeting 2020
01/09/2020 PDF Public Meeting 2020 Presentation 30561 Kb
01/08/2020 PDF GOL announces Investor Update 671 Kb

(*) Information available in Portuguese only

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